My Supports

A few years ago it became very important for me to define my support systems.  As a result of a major illness and other life changes, I learned just how important those supports were.  First of all, my spiritual support system gets me through my day by day.  Without it I'm not sure where I would be because it has been through faith that I've gotten by.  Secondly, my emotional support which consists mostly of my family esp my mother.  When the chips were down she is the one person that helped me to pick up the pieces.  She was there for me financially when I needed it and unable to work.  I also sought emotional support outside of my family because of two very serious medical diagnosis.  While I love my family very much and they try as hard as humanly possible, they did not understand what I was experiencing and I needed to connect with people that did.  On a daily basis I also have several support systems that I rely on.  I am a list making, I make a list for everything in my life each night before I go to bed.  I consult the list at the beginning of the day and make adjustments as necessary.  

How would my life be without my spirituality, my family, my support groups and my daily lists?  I imagine extremely difficult. I enjoy my daily chats with God, being a part of the church, the fellowship and my week is off if I miss Sunday school.  I rely on my family a little less than they would like but I still rely on them and need to be around them.  The unconditional and non-judgmental love that I get from them is compared to nothing else in the world.  The support groups are necessary because it's great to connect with other people that share my experiences and talking with them has helped me to feel normal again.  Each of my supports are necessary to my daily life, they remind me to take each day as it comes.  They gave me the confidence to go back to work after a three year hiatus and they are helping me as I plan to venture out on my own.  I am back in school because of the emotional support of my supports, working and haven't experienced a serious relapse in over a year.  All of this, I believe is because I did have a great group around me to help me. 


  1. Thank you for sharing about your support structure. I too place my spirtual support highly and I do believe it is what pulls you through in the end and I too have a close bond with my mother so I have immense appreciation for your post.

  2. Hello,

    I know that your not in my group, but I always enjoy reading your blogs. I too believe that God is remarkable and can guide you throughout your life. Sometimes, God is whispering to me, yet at other times he has raised his voice. Its all for me to realize what I am going. My church's neon sign says, "Its not about you, its about God!" I love the messages that are displayed and I hope you continue to talk with him, so that he can guide you through all of your days:) I am glad you are feeling better too!!!


  3. Hi...making connections is important. We cannot survive without them. Not only do we make family connections but community connections as well. Having a strong support network and knowing where to find it is a feeling of satisfaction.

  4. Thank you for sharing. After my son passed I understood what it was to have a support system. As a mother you are pulled in so many different directions. I found that I had support and it was important for me to use that in order to keep my sanity. My mother too is my greastest support outside of my husband. We were able t rebuild our relationship and I would not change it for the world. I had daily talks with God as well. This is the perfect way for me to make a mental journal when I just want someone to listen. Good luck in all your future choices.

  5. Anonymous12/12/2011

    Its so amazing to know who really suppots you when you are going through trouble. God has placed the right people in our lifes to be there when we need them most.