Issues and Trends final thoughts

This course has been very enlightening as we learned about several issues related to early childhood.  It provided me the opportunity to explore several resources and learn about early childhood issues internationally.  When I think of the consequences of learning about the international early childhood field a few things come to mind.  First of all, it provides the opportunity to learn first hand from other professionals about issues around the world.  Second as we learn about the issues we can look for opportunities to become advocates and affect change.  Third, I believe it is simply a way to connect with other professionals.  I love talking about early childhood with other people that are just as passionate about it as I am and the few times I actually did connect with Suzana were very informative.  Although making the initial connections were hard in the beginning I think that this was a great assignment because it took us out of our comfort zones and required us to reach out to others.  A goal I set for myself when I began the blog assignment and one that I plan to continue is to reach out to other professionals and continue discussing the issues and trends related to the field.

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  1. I agree about talking to other professionals in the field! If someone shares your passion for something it is an immediate common bond and no matter where you are from or where you live now, you have a friend who shares your passion which is priceless! I'm glad you had a good experience with your international contact. I feel like this class has shown me how much more I have to learn :) See you in the next class maybe, if not, good luck!