Research around the World

     To learn more about international research in Early Childhood I visited the Early Childhood Development Virtual University (ECDVU) Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). I chose this site because I am always interested in how we are educating our educators.  A great deal of the program focuses on leadership training and the curriculum is advertised as using traditional and non-traditional methods of teaching.  These methods include using computer technology as a communication system, following a sequence of courses and using interactive networks.  I really had to play around with this site because it seemed so little information was provided compared to the other resources for this week.  

     There were several interesting topics being studied and research papers submitted by the students.  One paper that immediately caught my attention discussed the use of community resources in curriculum development.  The author conducted a study about the effects of community resources in pre-primary and elementary programs and the impact of that involved in the school programs.  Another paper that caught my attention dealt with fathers' involvement in Early Childhood.  Basically, this study dealt with the role of fathers and the cultural factors that determine a father's role.

    The main pages of this website gave the basic background information but I found the research papers to be more useful.  Looking through the papers gave me the opportunity to practice what I had learned about reading research and also an understanding of some of the topics of concern in Sub-Saharan Africa.  The most noteworthy thing about this site or rather why I liked it was this virtual university shows that Early Childhood Education is a subject taken seriously around the world.  It is an important part of a child's life and we need to have people that are properly trained to do the job.




  1. Hi LaTresa,

    I think the use of community resources in curriculum development is quite interesting. It motivates me to visit the site and learn more about it! Thank you for the tip!

  2. Keisha Pittman4/01/2012

    I think the papers would be helpful to me as well. Sometimes receiving help from your peers is just as beneficial as getting help from professors and scholars. Great post.

  3. I agree, it is very important for those educating our children to have first hand high quality knowledge of what is going on in early childhood education. The research papers sound like an excellent resource!

  4. Enjoyed your blog! I'm glad Early Childhood Education is valued and taken seriously around the world. Thanks for sharing the links--I checked them out :).

  5. Thank you for sharing the resources. When I have time I plan to read the article about father's being involved in their child's education. It seems I deal with mom about 95% of the time. Great job!