Global Perspectives wrap up

I want to say thank you to each of my classmates in this course and leave you with a few inspirational gems as we prepare for our next course in this journey.

First of all, thank you for your support and participation.

Second, know that you do matter in the lives of children and their families.  This thought is confirmed every day that your children show up with wonder in their eyes, seek you out for a much needed hug, share the details of their families' lives and question your whereabouts when you are out for the day.

Third, it is important that we get involved in advocacy and work on the behalf of children every day.  I personally recieve infomation from a variety of resources including but not limited to
https://www.texasaeyc.org/?page_id=502 which is an affiliate of www.naeyc.org.  www.aeci.org offers a generous amount of initiatives to which to get involved in.

Fourth, as early childhood professionals we are also lifelong learners.   We must stay dedicated to our customers, the children, as the return on invest is extremely high in this field.

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