Final post for course: Influences of family, culture, and society in early childhood

Wow is the first word that cones to mind when I reflect on this course.  From the first assignment I knew I would enjoy this class simply because the discussions were really interesting.  My biggest take away from this semester is that in order for me to effectively do my job I have to get to know myself and be willing to accept how my early experiences have influenced me. 

I especially enjoyed the Derman-Sparks & Edwards text and the study on anti-bias curriculum.  There were many points including microaggressions which were eyeopeners.  I also learned how the simple off hand comments of a trusted adult could affect a child. 

In the major project assignment I enjoyed learning about my topic, family and community violence.  As I may have mentioned this was a new topic of study for me. I typically study professional development and teacher participation.   Studying this topic was interesting because I looked at it with fresh eyes.  I also got the opportunity to speak with 2 individuals affected by violence.  The work was well worth the time put into helping me learn to better do my job.  I look forward to continuing to learn and share insights with my staff.

My final thoughts, I enjoyed this course even though there was a ton of work.  I also learned more about my upbringing and how it affects the children and families I work with.  The topics made for great workplace discussions and I think this is one of those courses I will reflect back on.

Thank you to all my colleagues for your openness and honesty shared throughout the class.


  1. LaTresa,
    Throughout this course you have shared information and collaborated with me, which gave me insight into your chosen topic and others. I appreciate working with you and learning more about myself and my methods of teaching in the process. We definitely learned a vast amount of information this semester and will undoubtedly be implementing some of this new information with our families and staff members. Thank you again for sharing the last 16 weeks with us. - Priscilla

  2. I can relate to your blog. I have learned a lot of vital information in this course. It has changed how I viewed my own biases and beliefs. I now can say that my upbringing has made me who I am today. I have shared the information with my family, friends, and co-workers because it was such a ray of knowledge that I wanted everyone to know. I wish you all the best on your educational journey.

  3. These Racial Microaggressions took me by surprise;
    • A White man or woman clutches their purse or checks their wallet as a Black or Latino man approaches or passes them. (Hidden message: You and your group are criminals.).
    • An Asian American, born and raised in the United States, is complimented for speaking "good English." (Hidden message: You are not a true American. You are a perpetual foreigner in your own country.)
    • A Black couple is seated at a table in the restaurant next to the kitchen despite there being other empty and more desirable tables located at the front. (Hidden message: You are a second-class citizen and undeserving of first-class treatment.)
    I agree, we learnt and benefited a lot in this class.

  4. I really enjoyed this class as well. I have a new position as the Instructional coach and in order to be the best coach, it has come to my knowledge that I must know myself as well. This class helped tremendously. The microagressions were very interesting. I feel that we are all guilty of these even if we do not mean to be. I am in the process of becoming a culturally proficient instructional coach and this class has helped me grow.