Professional Hopes and Goals

I know that I have said that I have enjoyed every course so far, even those that I initially dreaded, but this has truly been a wonderful journey.  A course on diversity and anti bias is much needed for anyone who has contact with another human being.  I learned things about myself that I did not expect or suspect but like all good things it has come to an end.  With that in mind one hope that I have for myself while working with children and families from diverse backgrounds is that I am able to continue to be an advocate for children and always stand up for them.  A goal that I would set for the field of early childhood education is that we continue to work towards being anti bias teachers and that we prepare other teachers both initially and throughout their career.

To my colleagues:

Thank you for your insight in discussions and comments and support on my blog.  I have enjoyed sharing with each of you and hope that I helped you along in your journey as you have helped me.  Thank you and I wish you all success in your next course and future endeavors.

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