Welcoming a new student

Today I work in a child care center where I just learned that a new student will be enrolling.  The student is a four-year-old from Pakistan name Faizan and he is very excited to be starting school.  I am also very excited to have the new student but I know very little about Pakistan and I want the student to feel at home with us.  As a student in an anti-bias course I know that I have a responsibility to learn more about my new student's culture and family.  In order to do I am planning some homework of my own tonight in which I will prepare myself to help make Faizan's transition easier.  The first thing I would need to do is learn more about Pakistan, the people and the culture.  Next I would learn more about Faizan's family by learning about their family structure and the language they speak most often at home.  I would perhaps ask to speak with the parents so that we can have a sit down discussion about the transition their child is about to make.  In school I would talk with the teachers and let them know, just like I would with any student, that a new student was enrolling.  We would do an evaluation of our classrooms and make sure that they are not only diverse but also that we have some items from Pakistan reflected as well.  As a welcoming gesture, I would probably learn a welcoming phrase to speak to Faizan on his first day.  The most important thing I can do for Faizan and his family is to be respectful of them and not overwhelm them during their first days.  I can only hope that my efforts would make the transition easier for the family and that Faizan feels that this is the place for him. 

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