Job/Roles in Early Childhood Community: Internationally

Continuing the exploration of jobs and organizations in the Early Childhood Community, the focus this week is on international organizations.

Organization:  Association for Childhood Education International
I choose this organization based on their involvement in advocacy and the various initiatives they are involved in:  One such initiative is Love Me, Teach Me whose intention is to “promote the needs and rights of children everywhere (Love Me, Teach Me, 2011) based on four cornerstones.
Cornerstone 1:  See Me:  the child’s right to identity
Cornerstone 2:  Hear Me:  The child’s right to participation
Cornerstone 3:  Love Me:  The child’s right to security, stability and protection
Cornerstone 4:  Teach Me:  The child’s right to education
Another initiative, Decade for Childhood 2012-2022, describes what a good childhood looks like based on ten pillars and the concept that “Every child in every nation deserves a childhood full of hope, joy, freedom, and promise for the future” (Decade for Childhood, 2011).  This particular initiative is sponsored by the Association of Childhood Education International and the Alliance for Childhood.
The Ten Pillars of a Good Childhood
1.      Safe and secure places for living and learning, with access to health care, clothing, and nutritious food
2.      Strong families and loving, consistent caregivers
3.      Social interactions and friendships
4.      Creative play and physical activity

5.      Appreciation and stewardship of the natural environment
6.      Creative expression through music, dance, drama, and the other arts
7.      Education that develops the full capacities of the child—cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and ethical
8.      Supportive, nurturing, child-friendly communities
9.      Growing independence and decision making
10.  Children and youth participating in community life.

Employment Opportunities
Country Liaison Program—this is a volunteer position in which ACEI seeks to create a network of liaisons from around the world to collect and share information on childhood education policies & practices, share the information and promote intercultural & international understanding.  Currently there is no liaison in the United States.
For this job I would require knowledge of current educational practices & policies and would have a means for staying in the know.  There are no specific requirements listed but based on the description I would assume that it would be important for me to understand educational standards around the world.

Organization:  International Step by Step Association
ISSA is a membership organization; the online community is free to join for individuals and connects professionals and organizations in early childhood.  I like this organization because of the networking opportunities on the international level.  The online community provides an opportunity to connect with a diverse population of early childhood professionals.  The ISSA online course is also an interesting concept, to help teachers become more reflective and intentional in their teaching. 
Employment opportunity
Romani Early Years Network Project Manager—“main purpose is to develop skills & good practice, establish effective partnerships and support professional development” (International Step by Step Association, 2013).  Program development & support-plan & organize network events, manage communications, facilitate advisory group, promote the network’s professional benefits, develop collaborative links;  fundraising & budget responsibilities—propose new activities, seek funding opportunities, monitor spending
University degree; understanding of Romani children, families & communities; knowledge of early childhood education policy on a national level; 3 yr successful track record managing/working in international early childhood education programs

Organization:  The Division for Early Childhood
DEC is an international membership organization but what’s special about this organization is the focus on children with disabilities.  It is one of seventeen divisions of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC).  Their mission “promotes policies and advances evidence-based practices of young children who have or are at risk for developmental delays and disabilities” (Division for Early Childhood , 2013).  What I like about this particular organization is the work they do on behalf of children with special needs and their families, advocacy, early intervention and teaching members to be advocates..
Employment Opportunity
DEC Executive Director—plan, develop, facilitate, oversee & administer all DEC operations & activities; public policy & interagency communication, fiscal planning & management.  This was really the only staff position currently open but it is one that I would pursue in the future as I would love the opportunity to lead an organization so heavily invested in young children with special needs
Ability in the oversight of financial management for non-profit organizations, initiative, enthusiasm and passion for making a difference; oral & written communication skills; prior experience achieving results w/limited resources just to name a few. 

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