Time WELL spent!

As I prepare to complete my studies at Walden this past week I took some time for reflection.  I remember my first phone call from the enrollment advisor.  I almost didn't answer the phone because it was an unfamiliar number but something pushed me and said go ahead.  Carissa was on the end of the line and though she may have just been doing her job she did a great job of answering my questions, helping me choose a program and when I was unsure of just what I wanted she was very patient.  Shortly after applying I stopped the process because I wasn't really sure of the program and then I received an email with a new program offering, Administration, Management and Leadership!  It was everything I wanted to pursue all rolled into one and I was excited again and ready to start my education.  That was in March 2011 and here it is April 2013 and I am finishing the program but not my education!  I have learned so much from the instructors, my colleagues, the course materials and resources.  The best part is that it has been such a rewarding experience, so thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone.

    1)      Passion! Passion! Passion! Being passionate about your life’s work is okay, in fact it is necessary!  I agree whole-heartedly with Louise Derman-Sparks (2011) in her passion to create a more just world for kids!  Everything I do is focused on that goal and in my coursework I have learned to channel that passion through resources, services and advocacy. 

2)      Be practical.  Not only in the area of my capstone project but in budgeting, developing family relationships and leading my teachers and programs.  I have BIG IDEAS when it comes to early childhood but through the hands on, practical work in this program I learned how to scale those dreams down to bite-sized and achievable actions.

3)      Set goals.  I am a dreamer and sometimes I go overboard but as I have worked through each course in this program it has been important for me to learn not only to set a goal but stay focused on that goal.  I know the instructors probably grew tired of reading my application assignments because they were never 1-2 pages! 
My long term goal is to put my final capstone project into action:  get early childhood teachers more involved in continuous professional development

1)     Host a rally for early childhood education at my facility

2)  Advocate for changing the minimum standards in regards to teacher requirements

3)  100% participation in a professional organization for the teachers in my facility
I sincerely want to thank each and every instructor, advisor and peer for your support, advise and feedback during this program.  I have learned from each of you and I am a better person for it.  I do hope no I KNOW this is not the last I will hear from or about my peers because we are on the road to greatness and my children will experience an early childhood education like no other because of the changes we are going to make.  So I hope to actually meet everyone at graduation but if not I would still like to keep in touch.  I am not the most Facebook savvy person but I do try!  Till we meet again...Tresa Moruri


Laureate Education, Inc. (Producer). (2011). Merging Vision, Passion, and Practice [DVD].


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