Global Perspectives on Development and Learning

Hello everyone, my name is LaTresa and currently a student @ Walden University.  This is the blog that I previously used in my Masters program and even though I haven't posted for a while I still visit the page so I will revive it for my current course, Global Perspectives on Development and Learning.  Feel free to read previous posts and share your thoughts throughout my page.  

The three most important aspects of my life are my spirituality, my family and my career in ECE.  This blog will focus on my career in ECE.  I began my career in teaching in 1994 while a junior in high school as an infant teacher and I am currently a center director and trainer.  I have always enjoyed participating in professional development because I feel very strongly that early childhood teachers need training opportunities and time to network with their peers.  Being out of the classroom has afforded me the opportunity to become a trainer and mentor to other teachers and it has been great.  The team that I have developed at my own center is awesome and I enjoy seeing their growth as professionals every day.

Questions I am posing to readers of my blog...
How long have you worked in ECE and what is your motivation (passion) to continue in ECE?
Also, what do you do outside of the classroom to promote ECE?


  1. Hi LaTrea. What a great blog and your first post in our Doctorate degree. I like the part you stated, “Early childhood teachers need training opportunities” because as educators, as a student, a parent and so forth, we certainly need to continue on with opportunities to learn, to experience and to move forward. I also used my same blog in my MS program, but I revised mine and added a slideshow and pictures of my families…Jay

    1. Hi Jay thanks for stopping by. I wasn't sure I had set up the feed correctly. Professional development for early childhood teachers is my passion. I love my career field but I also feel that there are too many untrained and under trained individuals.

  2. Hi LaTresa,
    I enjoyed reading your blog. Reading about your journey in the Master's program showed your determination and passion. I agree continuous education for educators is essential for growth and keeping current with the information in our field.

  3. I really enjoyed your blog and followed you from your masters till your current post. My passion in ECE lies in the happy faces of the children when they master a goal. I teach special education and working with my kids towards their goals and objectives is priority. I feel a sense of fulfillment when I am in an IEP discussing new goals because the old ones have been mastered.