Effective communication...why is it important

Effective communication is necessary but not everyone feels comfortable speaking to other people in some situations.  For example, public speaking can be terrifying for some people while others may fear the one on one.  I personally do not mind speaking one on one or in front of others. I am typically the 'fly on the wall' person that prefers to observe and listen before speaking.

In thinking about enacting policy change effective communication is extremely important.  The reader has to understand the policy and it needs to be, concrete and complete.  In order for the policy to be concrete the policy maker must make sure the audience has a clear picture of what they are trying to say.  A complete policy is one in which the reader has all the information they need to make an informed decision . 

In relation to my own communication skills I find that I can be both concrete  and complete but not without tons of revisions. No matter what platform, one on one, small group or large group, I am able to adapt my communication to the situation at hand.  My weakness deals more with the issue of being concrete as I sometimes will find myself rambling which is what leads to the tons of revisions. 


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